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Henry Clay's Jerry Williams

Football in the Commonwealth is set to get started in just over a month. Scout Kentucky Preps asked several of the players about kicking off the 2010-11 season.

Football in the Commonwealth is set to get started in just over a month. Scout Kentucky Preps asked several of the players about kicking off the 2010-11 season.

Several players from throughout the state told us about their thoughts on getting the 2010 football season started.

What signals to you that football is officially here and started?

Jerry Williams - 2011 QB - Henry Clay High: "There's one main thing that lets me know it's football season: two-a-days. It's those long sweaty practices that let me know. Then you go eat with your friends and come back to give your all again in practice and become a better team. You set aside your personal goals and focus on that one common goal: a state championship."

Zack Templin - 2011 OL - East Jessamine High: "The signals that I'm getting are: I'm waking up at eight in the morning and busting my butt on the field. That's when I know it's close!"

Andrew Dini - 2011 QB - George Rogers Clark: "I would have to say just the routine of practice and grinding each and every day in preparation for a successful season indicates it's finally here. You just get that feeling as it keeps approaching."

Zeke Pike -2012 QB - Dixie Heights High: "Football started for me as soon as the fourth quarter buzzer sounded at a regional tournament for basketball. I was in the weight room the next day and have been working with the team to be the best we can be. I have been in football mode for a couple months now. I'm just ready for the first kickoff; Nipper Stadium, August 20th, 2010 at 6 pm."

Marcus Helm - 2011 RB - DuPont Manual High: "Long, hot and dreadful days. Two-a-days with scouting reports of the first team on your schedule signals that football is here."

What are you looking forward to most about getting this season started?

Marcoreyon "Bubba" Tandy - 2011 WR - Christian County High: "Well, this year I am looking forward to scoring touchdowns, making tackles and hearing the crowd go wild!"

Neal Pawsat - 2011 QB - Mason County High: "Playing for that ultimate goal with the teammates that I've been playing with since middle school."

Christian Wallace - 2011 QB - Ballard High: "Getting the chance to play against Trinity and Saint Xavier on their home field."

Vinny Miller - 2012 WR - Henry Clay High: "I look forward to showing everyone what I'm about and potentially being the number one overall player in the 2012 season."

J.D. Harmon - 2012 ATH - Paducah Tilghman: "I'm looking forward to having a 15-0 season and becoming two time defending champs. As we say before practice, let's get it!"

Sam White: - 2011 OL - Owensboro High: "The first big hit of the season!"

TreyVon Neely - 2011 LB - Doss High: "I am looking most forward to working hard with my team in practice and getting better as a team. I also look forward to playing our district games!"

Other quotes

Jerrell Moore - 2011 WR - Fern Creek High: "Dedication is the key to success. It's not about who starts the game it's about who finishes it."

Ronjae Morris - 2012 RB - Male High: "This season I want to compete with the best. I want to break records and put Male back up with Saint Xavier and Trinity. We want to do the unexpected."

Lamar Dawson - 2011 LB - Boyle County High : "I think when you start playing high school is when football starts. Because you're working all year long to get better."

LaMont McMurry - 2011 RB - Saint Xavier: "Play cocky but be as humble as can be." Recommended Stories

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